Last Kiss Goodbye - from an Asylum Seeker, Mohammed Ali of Afghanistan

When we permit out governments to legislate discrimination, and then use it to justify prejudices whilst telling ourselves to accept and encourage abuse and injustice because “we were born here” and “you are different,” we are denying our own humanity, and the humanity of others. We are accepting the very same ideals that led to the horrors of slavery, apartheid and holocaust. Which, as Nelson Mandela reminds us “is not natural, it is man made and can be changed by the actions of humans.” We owe it to our children to be the generation that makes that change.

In 2002 an asylum seeker on Nauru drew this for me before he was deported back to face the Taliban in Afghanistan…. Statistics suggest that Mohammed Ali, the artist who drew this picture, did not survive. Lest we forget that our votes impact on the lives of others. No more Tony. Not in our name.