I am not going to engage in a religious debate with you – particularly not in relation to the above published piece – as it is not a religious issue. The issues I was writing about are human issues not religious issues – if you re-read the peace you will see this. I did not write as a/or for a muslim, a catholic, a teacher, or a businessman. I wrote as, and I wrote about, HUMANS.

We are humans – and unfortunately we are taught to think of each other in particular ways and to develop (sometimes very strong) prejudices against one another – which you have clearly done. Clearly you have some things that you wish to say, may I suggest that you write an article, or start a blog of your own – or better yet, keep your prejudices to yourself. Your apparent hatred of me (a secular person), religious people who I had not in fact spoken about in my work isn’t conducive to a peaceful world or human progress.

I work hard to promote equality and discussion between diverse groups which is non-blaming, and non judgemental so my son has access to a better world. I believe until we can do this, we will not have a peaceful society for our children.

As I have said before, and will say again, religion doesn’t matter, skin colour doesn’t matter, culture doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is a genuine desire to do do what you can to make the world a better place – and trashing religious groups – and yes I deliberately say trashing because you aren’t being constructive, you are simply airing negative views and expressing your own prejudices – is not in the spirit of what I write, or why I write.

Australia, as a nation and as individuals, needs to be more solution focused – identify a problem, and solve it, not just try to pigeon hole and cut people down which appears to be your approach.

Never fear however, I realize you accessed my blog dozens of times (yes I can check this!) So at least I know that you are an avid fan of mine.

Warm regards.