Stop bloody whinging, and keep your racist nonsense to yourselves!!! If someone (or group of someone’s) builds a $3 million venue in Bendigo, which they are paying for themselves. It WILL be good for business. Materials will be bought, levies will be paid, tradies will be employed, said tradies will buy lunch at venues local to building site during construction – which will take time… Thus Bendigo profits. Once a sporting venue will be created, youths will be occupied, not being socially disengaged. A educational, social and recreational community centre will exist where one didn’t previously….. Not really sure why this is a bad thing, I mean, if you aren’t a racist bigot who thinks that anyone who believes in something that you don’t must be a terrorist, then you should have no issue with it.

Not sure what I’m talking about?

No one is forcing you to utilise the mosque. Struth. What ever happened to a fair go for all Aussies? (I am pretty sure the fair go applies to all Aussies, not just the narrow minded, Christmas Day Christian, beer drinking white ones?)

I don’t normally call people things like this, but reading some of the comments people have made on this issue have made me pretty sure (sadly) that Tony Abbott isn’t the only person making a Australia loose popularity in the international community!