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Any given day I have a different happy place, although I have to say that increasingly over the last year or two my happy place is anywhere that I can have five minutes to myself without anyone asking me a questions….

“Mummy, why can’t I have butter like this?” “Mummy, why can’t I microwave this butter?” “Mummy, why is my toast triangles not squares?” (Sorry! I thought triangles were cooler! My bad! #mysonhasfirstworldproblems)

This isn’t to say I do not enjoy my son and my life – I do. I love my family more than any thing else in the world…. but in order to be a mum, a professional, an individual (a functional human?) I need to regroup occasionally…. Studies indicate that all people need “down time” to self-regulate, relax and refocus… yet men appear to get more of this that women. Blokes are more likely to get home to a cooked dinner and a spouse who empathizes with their tiredness and says “Darling, you have been working so hard lately, on Saturday why don’t you go play golf with the boys.” In the history of ever when does anyone come home and say “wow, honey, you have done 10 loads of washing, mopped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms, reorganised the freezer, fridge and pantry, cooked dinner, ironed taught the kids to fold hankies and tea towels. You deserve a day off….” Why? because we do this every day and it is just expected.

I have gotten a little off track…. I was going to write about happy places and the peace I feel when I sit, close my eyes and take that first sip of coffee and think “Yes, thank you God for my life. I am ready for my day.” However, Mandela got up and asked me 15 crumpet spreading related questions.

Love my son.
Love my life.
Want more quiet time to drink coffee after I do the washing.OCtober 28 2014 036