A few days ago I posted an old essay about the medias role in humanitarian disasters. I had written this essay as a part of my study in 2007/2008-ish and thought if I re-read it and then re-wrote it today I may come to different conclusions. As such, on Sunday I started to write about how I believe an international response to humanitarian disasters would look like if global leadership was held in hands of mothers. The piece I finished writing however was about the continued need for feminism in contemporary Australia (see below: “feminists please don’t shut up”). Since Sunday I have been mulling over my idea on using a motherly approach to humanitarian assistance – stay tuned as I hope to have it up soon …although it will need to fit in around Mandela, an essay due on 27th and work….. *sigh*, John Lennon was right… Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans!