Straight up, I would like to thank you all for reading my piece – I appreciate all of your comments and opinions. I hoped to open discussion and raise questions about feminism and our perceptions of women. I think the article was successful in doing so….

I do however have a question about comment #10 in which Robin said “I dont [sic] find anything particularly offensive with Josies [sic] article…”

Well that is good, I am out to enlighten not to offend…. Just saying.

Then Robin says “…although she touches on feminism she does not seem in any way advertising it by way of her personal appearance.”

Why, am I being judged yet again by how I look? Is this comment suggesting that I do not look enough like a feminist? (Is there a set way I ought to look in order to have an opinion?) Did this commentor not read my article at all?

“The photo with her son does her proud.”

Um, thank you, I think. I am a product of my genetics, but I ask you – If I were a man would anyone be commenting on my appearance?

“She has provided a clear professional background of herself and I dare say she likes to be noticed!”

Is this a criticism??

I love to be noticed, it is be drawing attention to causes that I will be able to be a part of making changes in a world that is need to change.

It is by being noticed that I am able to give voice to the voiceless.

I love to be noticed, it is essential for advocates to be noticed.

I love to be noticed – but not for my physical attributes.