This is not about being overly politically correct ….. Nor is it an excuse for the PM to say stupid things about letting boys be boys and girls be girls. On the contrary I am pretty sure this is about making us all accountable for the gender stereotypes which we accept and allow to perpetuate our society.

The fact is that women earn less than men for doing same work. Women are more likely to be discriminated against in the work place. Women are more likely to be raped, suffer domestic violence, or be murdered by a partner/former partner. Why does this happen? Because society allows us to objectify women. Society accepts it.

Why does this happen?

Because we accept stereotypes.

Why does this happen?

Because from day one girls are told they are to be submissive, trophies with interests which are limited to family and domestic life. Boys on the other hand are raised to believe they are strong and are fighters. This starts at child hood.

Some might argue that not marketing toys on the basis of gender is one step too far…. Others might more correctly suggest the following:

Allowing our society to get to the point that in a free and educated country like Australia one woman is murdered every week through domestic violence – because she is female – and no one even talks about it is more than one step too far!!

Something to think about!