For those of you who have been following me you will see that I have been fielding comments from people who disagree with my opinions relating to feminism in contemporary Australia … (See link below) – and I have got to say

That no matter what you write people seem to be able to twist it around to hating islam. I could launch into a thesis about how Sharia Law is not accurately enforced anywhere in the world, although Saudi Arabia and Iran do enforce some crazy scary laws and claim they are following true islam (but they are not). I could launch into a discussion about the role followers of organised religion have had in society from both positive and negative angles, but I won’t do this. Why won’t i? Simple: because that is not what my article is about. My article isn’t about religion, it isn’t about Sharia, it isn’t about the persecution of the Hazara over the past few centuries. My article is about treating men and women equally and remembering that we are still not doing all we can to ensure all members of the community are treated in a just manner. I’m not interested in hating on any particular group of people – I’m interested in Australians looking at how we treat and perceive people and making a concentrated effort to better ourselves in this area.