After reading some of these comments it appears that there are men in the world who would prefer to express ill informed hatred for Islam and blame for all organised religion for the world’s problems rather than to stop for just a second and think “what can we do, that is positive, to ensure that women are treated fairly?”

It seems that for some Aussie men easier to blame others and to disassociate ourselves from the degradation of women than it is to man up and think “how have I intentionally/unintentionally fed the exploitation of women in my country and/or how have I benefited from this?” Or simply “do I judge women in their appearances? And should I stop doing so.”
Robin, Mark, man up. Stop blaming others and if you believe you are supporting women/ feminism – a good place to start would be by owning up to your own wrongs and also to stop judging women on their attire! (Including me, as the visibility or non visibility of my hair is really irrelevant here!)