Can 100 days of meditation, exercise and positive thinking make for a happier 2015??

I was invited to participate in 100 days of happiness with a twist, which involved amongst other things, posting, journaling or recording in another way one thing I am thankful for each day. Today is the second of January- so I owe two posts- two things I am grateful for. To make up for my tardiness and to spread a bit of extra New Years cheer I thought I would post about three things I am grateful for as 2015 begins.

1) is pretty easy – Mandela …. I am incredibly grateful that I have the privilege of being his mum. He is kind, caring and intelligent. He makes my world and the worlds of so many other people a brighter place. Inshallah he can continue to do so as he grows (although I would like him to grow slower!)

2) the second thing I am grateful for this year is the opportunities I have. The opportunity to express through my writing, the opportunity to study and develop new skills, the opportunity to work and to help others, and the opportunity to serve.

3) the third thing I aam thankful for is for new beginnings and second chances. For the capacity to let go of the old grudges and start again. 2015 – this could be good!

Happy New Year Everyone!