I did not make it online to write yesterday …. my day started early and ended well after midnight.

I realize that as a part of my 100 Happiness with a Twist for 2015 I should post of a morning, but yesterday, the thing I was most grateful for was clearest late at night.

I drove home from my parents house, as they had been looking after Mandela while I was at work, when I arrived home at approximately 10:30pm (I left home at 7am) I was stonkered and Mandela was asleep. Mani woke up and walked to his room without complaining, and almost collapsed with exhaustion after his long day being Poppy Tom’s helper. Mandela dug a trench to plant carrots in, found dinosaur bones (which may once have in the 1990s been a part of one of our pet chickens) and helped his Meema to build a solar robot model.

I helped Mandela change into his pjs, as coordination and tiredness are not a great combination. Mandela hopped in bed and as I kissed him good night he asked me if all the children I work with were safe and being tucked in as well. “Everyone has the right to be safe,” Chanted Mandela, which is something his class worked on prior to school breaking up for the year.

Day 4, 2015 – I was grateful for the compassion of children, who are too young to have learnt to be selfish. May their innocence and caring hearts live on.