Ever have one of those days when you feel like “blah.” I can’t do anything, and I don’t even want to try. I have to clean the house, do the laundry, find the bottom of my wardrobe – it’s probably still there under all my clothes? I hope…. Sod today, I’m going back to bed….

That was me this morning… so three coffees later, I have given myself a facial – yep, I became that girl recently – put a load of washing on and decided that I would, whilst cleaning come up with the most fun way to do “my bit” for the day. I would do something that made a difference. I would send some positivity, some love out into the world.

They say that if you do what you love, life is easy. So…. what do I love? Lots of things – food, art, fashion (oh, and Mandela….)

I love shopping and clothes, finding a bargain when I wasn’t expecting too, or spending house with my best friend seeking out the perfect hair accessory for an event. My shopping and clothing addiction is not a secret I keep very well hidden.

I love fashion, and as a teenager I enjoyed designing and making my own clothes – sadly my skills in this area are nothing exceptional – I did however have fun trying.

I shop online – eBay, etsy, bokitta, east essence, rayannes designes….. many different stores… I buy new and second hand clothing and accessories. I also love to shop off line – browsing the racks at Vinnies and the Salvos, raiding the sales racks at non-second hand stores. I love the smells, the tacky music that is played, and making fun of the less attractive garments on offer.

Second hand shopping is great – not only am I shopping, I am donating to a cause – I am basically saving the world, one new/pre-loved dress at a time. I am also saving the environment…. the less new dresses that need to be made, the less resources wasted. That dress I bought for $10 at St Vinnies – well that is $10 which can be used to support their good works – feeding the hungry, protecting the vulnerable, and providing comfort to those who need it most.

I read an article yesterday on clearing up clutter – a clutter free home apparently assists us in feeling less stressed and makes us less susceptible to depression.

Goal today: clear out some of my clutter, and tote it on down to Vinnies (well I say vinnies, but the Salvos bin is closer….I admire both organisations, and let’s face it, we are all working for the same thing!)

I have in on move:
Cleared my house – made me and Khaled less stressed!
I have helped the environment by keeping things that are not being used in circulation and thus saving resources.
I have assisted some of the most vulnerable in my community….. By donating goods which can be passed on to those who need them, or sold for funds which support programs to assist the vulnerable…
I have provided the means for someone else to assist in the community – you can’t buy second hand clothes if no one donated them!

Day 10 of my 100 days of Happiness – I am grateful to live in a place where I can make a difference.