When it comes to relationships and love, I would not say I am qualified to give advice… This is for many reasons, including the fact that I am at present enjoying a latte yet I failed to make on for Khaled although he is in the room. (It is on my to do list though – I’m not all bad)….

Relationships are hard, as my dad says, love is a verb, therefore it is a doing word, it is something you work at and put effort into. Over the last week I have found one thing everyday to be grateful for about khaled. It isn’t the hardest task of course, he is quite wonderful.

I have found that if we put in a seconds effort per day to say something nice, do something nice, or realise that something nice has been done for us then we generally have a happier day.

I have to start these numbers at 5 as per the 100 days of happiness:

5) Monday: coming home to the washing having been bought inside out of the rain.
6) Tuesday: hearing funny stories about work at midnight – both of us staying awake even though we were tired to make sure we saw each other that day (dang shift work!)
7) Wednesday: the first and last person I spoke to in the day – very grounding 🙂
8) Thursday: a text a midday reminding me that we were about to have a holiday so not to stress at work.
9) Friday: quiet family dinner at home & khaled telling me that he is happy about having said quiet moments at home
10) Saturday: realising that he knows how pedantic I get about packing and being early- and that he at least pretends to find it endearing!
11) Sunday: a stress free day taking in a new city. No work, no schedule, just spending time together.

I may have just crossed the line to stupidly corny, however, all I wanted to say was “Thank god for the little things – they are what makes us happy.”

Have a lovely day all.