As I have my first (pot of) coffee for the day, while my son plays under the table and I looke at the disaster which is my house mid packing : (yes yikes! And no in not finished!)

I am thinking about significant women in my life – obviously my mum and grandmums are on the list as are aunties and teachers ….

Today however my inspiration comes from my friend who is amazing. I can describe her in many ways although often the one that society likes to stick to is “teenage mum” … In a tone that can sound judgemental, even though she is now 22 and so far as I’m concerned the word mum should by definition carry the highest level of respect!

(You disagree? Sorry, can you grow a human from nothing inside you and then raise it right? No, well shush then!)

My friend is 22, attends the university of Tasmania where she is studying to be a social worker (FYI last year she achieved high distinctions typing essays on her phone whilst breast feeding her daughter and playing with her son), and works from home as a free lance hair dresser. (Innovative much)?

Motherhood almost always comes hand in hand with sleep deprivation, financial constraints and isolation. For my friend it meant all of these things as well as deling with separate health issues for both of her children… Did she cry about it? No, that was not an option. Motherhood doesn’t come with inbuilt stress leave, it has no Union and there are no penalty rates for stand up all night shifts !

Every time I have spoken to my friend over the past years she has talked about ways in which she can assist others. She had talked about how she can work harder and how she wants the world to be better for her two babies.

International Women’s Day seems like he appropriate day to tell her she amazes and inspires me everyday.

Eris, I realise I am 8 years (ish) older than you, but when I grow up I want to be you! You Le energy, faith and kindness make me want to be a better person and you make me confident that the world will be a better place in the future for having you and your children in it.

And because it is IWD I thought I’d take the opportunity to reshare some old links, unfortunately there are a couple of typos in this article as it was “typed” on my phone not my laptop (ok, see Eris is better than me! this may be the definition of a first world problem)… Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it.