I try to optimistic on my blog… And write about the possibility for a better future for our children – but some days I feel like not enough good things are happening around the world. I guess you could call it “big bad world syndrome” – 

I start thinking about:

  1. Kids on ice
  2. The stupid laws which make it almost impossible for a woman to successful prosecute against sexual assault
  3. exploitation
  4. Australia’s inhumane asylum seeker policy 
  5. The Australian PM who is a sexist jerk
  6. Bad music by freaking RedFoo.

Where is the silver lining in any of that?!

Then, I hear two strangers say something kind to one another and it makes the world click again. I am reminded that humanity is worth fighting for.

The other day I was at the supermarket and I ran into some catholic nuns in full habit. Mandela thought they were wearing a “different kind of hijab” – when he asked them about it, and asked if it made Allah happy they smiled at him and complimented his good manners and clever questions – there was no offence, no objection, just sharing information to lead to understanding. 

The world needs to do so much more of that!