“You can easily judge the character of others by how well they treat those who do nothing to them or for them.” (Malcolm Forbes)

I read this quote yesterday and started asking myself – why is that some people look with kindness at strangers, whilst others feel they are permitted to spread hate, to discriminate and cut others down?

Men kill the women they claim to love. Instead of expressing outrage, some amongst us just criticise those who write on the topic whilst criticising religions they do not understand.

Women are raped and beaten, and others can do nothing but blame the victim.

Children are neglected and abused growing to be disengaged teenagers. Rather than showing love and acceptance to these kids, i hear people complain complain that kids in detention centre cost too much – how about just being compassionate to all kids? Or is that too logical?

When a woman becomes a prostitute because she has exhausted every other means to support herself, some do not have sympathy for her – Instead they choose to complain “it’s not fair men have fewer opportunities in this area.”

When did Australia becomes so pathetically accusatory that rather than stand up and address the real challenges in our communities – the abuse, the alcoholism, the violence, the discrimination – we feel it’s okay to shirk our responsibilities and blame someone else.

You know what, as a writer I share my knowledge and opinions willingly – I believe that by opening dialogue and sharing some of the lesser known or lesser recognised issues in our communities I am in some small ways bel to initiate change. Most of my readers have never met me, and few go to the effort to ask me my background. Sure, you know what my photo looks like, but are you aware of my life and experiences? No.

Australians need to spend more time accepting that there are areas in which we need to improve, and then do so, rather than immediately shifting the focus to blaming the innocent other, be that the feminist, the Muslim, the writer, or the refugee!