Good Morning All,

This comment is coming to you from my home, which I imagine you have some pretty bizarre ideas about, so I will paint you a picture.…-be-outraged-by-the-real-terror/

I am sitting at my dining table, with my cup of fair trade coffee. My little boy is sitting next to me while plays with lego and philosophizes about whether or not the Easter bunny is male or female, based on his observations of his mother eating more chocolate than his father and concerns around what this might do for the equal distribution of chocolate.

And yes – before you ask – Muslim’s believe in Jesus, and Mary – (actually the Koran talk about Mary more than the bible does, because they honor her role as mother). There are a few differences in the Christian and Muslim versions of Easter – but as I’m sure you would all agree, why fight over differences when we can share chocolate and smiles??

I have deliberately not engaged in a religious debate in these comments for one reason and one reason only.

I do not wish to distract from the issue at home. Domestic violence, inflicted by Australian men on Australian women is killing us at a rate of 2 women per week.


You want to trash other cultures and religions – that is not okay, it’s actually against the law, discrimination and defamation are words I have heard used for it – and IT IS NOT AN ANSWER TO THE EPIDEMIC OF VIOLENCE that is taking mothers from their babies.

You want to reclaim Australia? Start by reclaiming humanity and make sure your brother’s know that Australia says no to violence about women.

You think the violence comes from other communities? The stats say different.

You are offended that this article needed to be written? YOU ARE OFFENDED BY THE WRONG THING.

Violence against women is OFFENSIVE and WRONG.

DISMISSING this huge violation of women’s right to safety but scapegoating Islam – WRONG. IGNORANT. COWARDLY.