I am a little overwhelmed as I write …. with so many feeling rushing through my mind – I feel a little lost for words.

A REASON TO LIVE has been published!

Finally, the thousands of words I have written are stories which can be shared.

It is exciting, it is a honor, and it is a privilege….

I know that not everyone agrees with me when it comes to refugee and asylum seeker policies…. I know that not everyone shares my ideas on multiculturalism…

I hope however that people can share with me this one believe “Everyone is worthy of a chance… Everyone should have the chance to tell their story.”

That is why I am writing, that is why I am fighting – to make sure that every man, woman and child has a voice and has the opportunity to use it.

I believe that refugees, asylum seekers and humanitarian entrants are in need of our support, our prayers, our compassion and friendship… they don’t need criticism and prejudice. I have never run from a war, been shot at, seen my children starve, my wife raped or been tortured. If this ever happened to me or my brothers I pray that we would handle it with the level of dignity that so many newly arrived Australians have done.

I urge you all to read A Reason to Life, and to open your hearts to those in need of solace.

A Reason to Live is available on Amazon (see links below) and we will shortly be having a launch in Hobart…. stay tuned for further details.

Call, text, email or Facebook me for more information!

Love you all!!

Josie x



About me: My name is Josie Young, I am a writer, a community worker, an activist and a lover of all things chocolate and coffee related. More importantly however I am a mother, I have a son named Mandela. As a mother I want to make sure that everything I do – the words I write, the food I cook, the causes I support – make my son’s future brighter. In 2012, I decided I would write this book as another way through which I can fight for the future that my son deserves. One day, in the future, my six year old son Mandela will look at the world and ask me, “Mama, how could you have stood by and done nothing in the face of such injustices?” When that day comes, I hope I will be able to answer him. About her: Josie Young is 29 years old and is a Tasmanian community worker has spent the last ten years working with vulnerable groups and individuals including refugees and asylum seekers. Josie has also managed NGOs in Africa and worked in Immigration Detention Centres. She is passionate about social inclusion and ensuring that the all children grow in environments where they are safe and have access to every opportunity – regardless of where they were born and how they came to be in Australia. Josie Young holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Public Policy (2007), and a Masters of International and Community Development (2009). Josie Young is also the author of http://www.mandelawithlove.com