Hey All,

As I procrastinate and try and avoid the essay which will inevitably eat up the rest of my day – and yes, it is of course a rare sunny day in Tasmania which I have off work – my mind is drifting back to last nights Silver Words event at the Hobrt Quarter Masters –


Only five weeks ago I was completely unaware of these monthly events where Tasmanians from all walks of life and ages come together and share spoken words… from published authors throughout poetry slam champions and mere amateurs like myself….

I love that at such events, people I walk past on the street every day and don’t even notice are able to stand up and share poetry, rap lyrics or monologues, which they have written and may never have shared without such an iportunity.

I read two poems last night, which was nerve racking as I can not public speak at a pace slow enough to be understood (breath Josie)…. I was feeling totally intimidated and out classed by my fellow Spoken Word readers – who read or recited amazing works, with humor and sometimes tears. So entertaining….

That said, when my turn came, everyone was so supportive that I felt nthing but privilege to be there….. If you have the chance to come along next month DO IT.

A great thing to be a part of.

*I read two poems which can be found on the poetry tab – Lovers? and Chosen. *