In previous posts I have discussed the idea that Australians may have been conditioned to see asylum seekers and refugees as some how “inferior” or “different” from Australians which apparently allows us to justify our abhorrent treatment of some of the world’s most vulnerable individuals.

After writing my post “Us vs Them – Australia vs Asylum Seekers – Slaves vs Everyone Else: Is there are difference?”

I received a huge amount of anti-female, anti-islamic, anti-multicultural abuse from readers – it sadly, led me to believe that some people would rather point the finger and blame other people for our incapacity to show care and compassion.

That said however, Australian’s are lovely people. We are kind, funny, and insanely friendly – to everyone…. so I really do not understand the responses I received when I questioned Australia’s response to asylum seekers and irregular maritime arrivals?

I have been trying to understand if our attitudes to asylum seekers is racial, religious, political or  as a result of ignorance?

Children, in my experience do not discriminate – in fact over the last month of wearing hijab, children hardly seem to notice – but adults do discriminate….


Why are we hating?

I want to know.

If I understand a problem – perhaps I can help to change it?