“Mummy, if smoking is bad for you, then why do people do it?”?

This innocent question asked by my son begins a simple conversation in which he condemns capitalism which causes humans harm whilst profiting others. A simple thought… Common sense really, which brings us who think life really should be this simple.

“Because after people start it can be hard for them to stop.”

“Why do people start?”

“Well, people make mistakes and bad choices sometimes.”

(You see, we talk a lot about good people making bad choices rather than bad people doing bad things)

Ok… So why do people make smokes?
Mandela was starting to get to the root of the problem now!

Because they can sell them and get money.

Why are they allowed to get money from selling things that hurt people?

Because some people who are in charge of who can make money and who can sell things forget to care about whether or not they hurt people.

That is the wrong thing to do. I’m going to write a letter to the government! People should be safe from smoking.