I don’t know when it was, but it was probably far later than it ought to have been that I realised, when men talk to me, they aren’t always talking to me, often times they are staring at my breasts, or they are wondering what I look like naked, or speculating how it might feel to fuck me.

No, I am not a model, nor do I look like a model, in fact, if I am hones I would probably describe myself as rather goofy looking – like a cartoon character with a big nose and bright blue eyes….. This isn’t to say I am not attractive – I believe I must be, alluring even…. I have come to this conclusion after a decade of male attention, which appears to come regardless of my attire, my weight or my relationship status.

I have been tossing back and forth thoughts about how I might write a piece on the how and why society appears to feel that it is okay to break women down to body parts, when they would never dream of doing the same to a man, without coming across as some kind of man hating chick with a chip on her shoulder (as too often women are viewed)…. And I am still not sure how I will do this….. so the poem below is a start in terms of describing how I am feeling now.

I would like people to question why women are expected to accept derogative treatment (from ass grabbing to comments like “she’s pretty good for a girl” etc) while men have a privilege simply because they were born male…..

I have been conducting research into the way society treats (or appears to treat) women of varying appearances and attires… however for whatever reason I have writer block and am in struggle town this week and can’t string sentences together – when this changes – you will hear more from me….

But in the mean time – inbox me thought thoughts…..

Has society developed in such a way that men appear to feel some entitlement to women’s bodies? If not, why is there not constant outrage at the day to day sexism faced by women?