I love you because you’re my hero,
No wait, I loved you before 

I crave your attention

I hate your pain

I could be your toy, 

your entertainment and release

You could be my rock, 

my warmth and my refuge

You don’t want me when I’m weak

But Are you pushing me to be strong 

or pushing me to leave?

Are you challenging my self reprimands, 

or making some of your own

Your beauty is beyond my words

I feel your laugh in every part of me

You deny love, and you hold me tight

Are you making me stronger?

Or building myself to your own design

Are you freeing me, or trapping me?

You hide, while being ever present

You protect me and concern yourself

I think you want me safe

But maybe you want me contained?

You want me to love you

Or maybe you just want to know that you can

Know that you can have me, play me and fuck me

Maybe you want me to love you independently

And not rely on you – my security blanket

Looking want respect for dependency and need

You want me to love you

Not a hero, not beautiful

I already do