O.m.g… so I am driving my son home tonight, we went to visit a friend after school for a play date, so our school-home drive was happening at 5:30-6pm, rather than 3-3:30pm…..

One radio station had a male commentator bragging about how he was going to interview the current contestant on the Bachelor and that he was “desperate” to ask him of all the girls – not women I note, but “girls” – he had kissed so far, who was the best kisser?

Was he then planning to ask who had the firmest breasts, longest legs and tightest ….. Or would he consider that to be rude? Because frankly, to my mind, any judgement and comparative discussion of a woman’s sexual abilities and or attributes in a public forum is more than a little inappropriate… in fact it is just plain rude and wrong.

I don’t want the show myself, but from experience as a woman looking for “the one” – regardless of how one has signed up to do it – NO ONE wants the man they trusted enough to be intimate with (be that a kiss, a secret shared or more) to discuss that publicly as if they were a conquest. It’s rude. Men shouldn’t do it, and the media shouldn’t glorify him for doing it.

I changed stations…. the next station had a male commentator talking about the earnings of male and female actors over the last 12 months. The top earning actress made $52 million, the top earning male, $80 million. Although when we are talking about multimillionaires I realize sympathy is hard to summon, but one might question this huge difference, and wonder why women’s skills are paid less?  Or one might, as the male commentator did say “girls are weak, chuck them in the creek.”

I turned off radio for the rest of the journey…. Why would I want my son listening to blokes publicly talking women down in a jovial way? If he hears a man talking own a woman in a mean voice, he knows the man is being mean, and is out of line.

When sexism is humorous and jovial, it is accepted… but is just as toxic…. maybe even more so as it leads our communities to be desensitized to the issue, and slowly over time people begin to behave in the ways which are in line with the rubbish being spouted by the media, laughing at women and treating us like objects….

So commercial radio – you can bite be.