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The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House


Dear Mr Abbott,

I am writing this letter to protest Australia’s mandatory detention of asylum seekers and off shore protesting.

This decision on Australia’s part will not stop asylum seekers taking to the seas to flee persecution – it will simply result in the human rights of asylum seekers being further ill-treated under Australia’s watch and in our name.

As an Australian citizen I cannot have any part in supporting government which violates Australia’s international legal obligations, including its obligations as a party to the Refugee Convention. Whilst committing grave human right violations.

As you would also be aware, at present the mandatory detention of children is costing Australian tax payers approximately $250 per child per day which is far greater than an average benefit/pension payment in Australia. This money is not being fed back into our communities. I suggest the following alternative:

All asylum seeker children and families be placed on full Centrelink benefits, and permitted to work, in regional and rural areas where they will have the opportunity to contribute to the community, and where they will spend their Centrelink benefits to boost local struggling economies.

I am calling on the Australian government to cease off sure processing and detention immediately.

Please reconsider your stance on the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, and the effects it is having on Australians onshore, as well as on the status and good name of Australia as an international citizen.

I look forward to your response on this matter.