Every day children are lost, and the world looses just a little of its soul as adults fail in their only one natural duty – to protect their young. We are a global community, tied to each other first by the bonds of humanity and then by family, cultural, religious, national and even economic ties. 

These ties bind us to protect and nurture our young, to respect and care for our neighbour and to cherish the sacredness that is human life.

Every day babes die of curable diseases, killed by conflicts, or as a result of neglect and abuse…. And so often not a tear is shed, not a word is spoken.

At times like this however, when Ayan reminds us all that our cruelty, our ugly denial of or responsibility to protect and serve one another – we feel lost, we feel sick and we feel ashamed. His blatantly visible death pulls parts of our hearts we were not aware off and sends us into guilt feelings we are so uncomfortable with we do not know where or how to direct out feelings and actions.

Today however I was fortunate to see that although babies are dying and humanity appears to be failing – every day babies are being born. Innocent, fresh and perfect.

We can redeem ourselves by never ever failing again in the way we failed to protect Ayan – the way we have failed to protect millions of children every day of Ayans short life.

And every day teenagers become adults and able to vote – able to make changes – able to teach us – 

Thank god for the generation which follows ours and may mend the damage we have done.

I met some of these teenagers today at Justice Action Day – I thank them for their passion and pray their futures allow them to see a just world.

Also present today – the Honourable Kate Warner and Julian Burnside QC.

I promised some of you – on and off line – that tomorrow I will publish some ideas on actions you can take so you can make a difference to every other Ayan – we need to make sure we do all we can to prevent such a crises occurring again. Ever.

“See” you here tomorrow.

One love people.