When we think of ways we can change the world and things that we can do, we frequently assume that it is only the politicians and doctors who can change the world, only doctor can actually save a life, only a politician can make a decision…

We each have skills we bring to the table, and each of these skills are useful. We sadly forget that we each have something to contribute – be that contribution one based on caring, artistic skills, analytical skills, practical skills, resource based or intellect.

Those of you who know me will know I love Rumi. It seems that no matter what I want to say he has already said it in a far more eloquent fashion!!!!

People need help at every single level in this world:

Young people need to learn from teachers and parents who are compassionate and caring.

Those in poverty need advocacy, resources, medicine, education, understanding, and opportunities, employment – so much we can help with.

An accountant or tax collector may have skills they can use to tutor in a financial literacy program

A lawyer may be able to work on a case pro-bono every month

A waitress may be able to contribute a portion of her cafe’s tips to charity each month

A secretary may be able to share petitions campaigning for human rights

Can you cook? Can you write?

You can help in a soup kitchen, with financial counselling/financial literacy, basic literacy, conversational English tutoring.

Simplest thing we can do?