I have often wondered about the western feeling of entitlement which seems to support the idea that some people are rich and free whilst others suffer from oppression and bombings based on a right or something …. If one believed that however one might start to think a person is rich because they “deserve” to be rich, while a poor person “doesn’t deserve” affluence….

To follow this line further – perhaps some people “deserve” to be safe, while a others “doesn’t deserve” security – perhaps they even “deserve” harm or abuse? This doesn’t rest well with me – and I’m sure you will agree.

My good friend Chantell Jones worded it perfectly:

In conversations today, someone stated that they ‘deserved’ everything they have because they ‘worked hard’ for it. The conversation was set in the context of discussing asylum seekers only wanting to come to Australia because we provide c-Link payments.

I started thinking about the word ‘deserved’ – “rightfully earned because of something done or qualities shown; merited”. Hmmmm. Deserved.

 So did Syrian people deserve to be bombed, gunned down, to be a part of civil wars? If tomorrow we in Hobart were attacked and had to fear for our lives, would we then not deserve to be somewhere safe? Would we not deserve to stay with our family? Would we not deserve a chance?

 I am unsure about the word deserved… “You have done really well with your life, you own a nice home, your kids have succeeded in life and you have a really good job, well done you deserve everything you have”. What?

 If tomorrow drones flew over my workplace and bombed the crap out of its surrounding and I went home as was raped by someone that has suddenly decided to hate me because I was born at the old QA hospital and they prefer the new one, and then I had to keep watch over my family 24/7 and could no longer make payments because I am struggling at work because half the street has been blown up, and my wife then gets killed in another random attack at our local shopping centre so now I am close to being homeless and have two kids and I start bartering with a people smuggler selling all I have left to get on a boat to NZ…..To start again. Do I not deserve anything then? Because I have no house, my family is ruined, I do not work – but I want to. I would like C-Link to get back on my feet until I find a job. Would I not deserve this? Or am I now nothing?