This might sound harsh, but I couldn’t give a flying fuck how “Sorry” Chris Brown claims to be over the “unfortunate incident” with Rihanna in 2009. Of course we are all aware that by “unfortunate incident” to which I am referring is the vicious close range assault on his then girlfriend (yes the woman he allegedly loved) during which he smashed her face to the extent of hospitalization, over a dispute relating to his mobile phone and infidelity…. he later defended himself saying that she hit him first, but in spite of this, he is sorry. He then violated his parole conditions relating to the criminal conviction handed down over this assault. Oh, and since this time, he has had further convictions for violent crimes.

The man who can defend attacking at close range a human who by the way is 15kg lighter than he is and show so little remorse that he continues down a path of violence resulting in further police intervention is scum…. (that is the politest term I can use) but just because he can carry a tune the world is falling over themselves to defend him from the harshness of the Australian Immigration system. Well. Fuck. That.

There are children being raped under the watch of Australian Immigration systems get on their case about that – not about the one thing they have done correctly.

Our kids are exposed to the mass media every day – whether we like it or not, they are hearing the music of these “idols”… and they will model their world view on the actions of these people, and the way the world perceives these actions.

As it stands today, domestic violence, violence against women and sexual assault are so widely ignored and/or tossed into the “too hard basket” – as a consequence WOMEN DIE. Women die every week in Australia, others are raped, others are assaulted, and others do no start relationships, seek employment outside the home, or indeed venture outside of the home at all beyond necessity. Why does this happen? Because violence against women is crippling, terrifying and ignored. It appears, that no matter how great the “Rosie Batty Affect” may be, so long as we have Australian men and women excusing violence against women because (these are some of the excuses I have heard):

  • he’s a great singer – let the fans hear him (oh, well that is okay. If Hitler could sing, would we be down with him? Yes I compare DV perpetrators to Hitler. Ugly is Ugly, Evil is Evil.)
  • it was so long ago! (he assaulted Rihanna in 2009, he again violently assaulted someone in 2013 – it could be 100 years ago, that doesn’t make it forgivable, he is still perpetrating violence)
  • she hit him first (that doesn’t make it okay. No man should ever, ever raise his hand to a woman)
  • he won’t do it here (so? and anyways, we know this how? and as Maya Angelou said “Every woman who stands up for herself, is standing up for all women.” And to add to that – any man that is a risk to one women, is a risk to ALL women).
  • she forgave him (how do you know she doesn’t have nightmares, or that she can have trusting relationships now? and the reason courts administer charges not individuals is because this is bigger than Rihanna and Chris Brown – this is a global epidemic of violence being perpetrated against women. Christ Brown, and every other scum sucking asshole that touches a woman after she says stop need to be publicly reprimanded for these actions – how else will our sons learn that this shit is not okay? and how else will out daughters know that they can (A) expect to be treated better, an (B) be protected by the “system” and society if she is hurt)?

Australia has some fairly strict requirements around who is and is not permitted entry into this country, these include criminal and violence checks. All migrants, refugees, tourists and workers are subjected to these tests. An irregular maritime arrival with a known criminal conviction relating to sexual assault, violence against women or terrorist activities would be denied entry into Australia, and quite rightly so. As would a Korean teacher, attempting to access Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, or a British telemarketer wanting to come in as a tourist. Every singly man, woman and child is entitled to a fair go, and should be afforded the benefit of the doubt, to be considered innocent until proven guilty. No one is disputing that! If we know you have a history of violent crimes, do we want you here? Even for a short time? No, of course not.

Before all you haters send me messages blaming Islam for violence, or saying “well we let in refugees, and they are terrorists” or whatever ignorant bullshit lies you people use to try and justify your Islamophobia, or to deny that as a community we have a responsibility to take a stand against violence against women – even if it interferes with or concert tickets -I will repeat:

Any man who raises his hand to a woman is scum. I couldn’t care less what colour, nationality or religion he is. Violence is not okay.

  • Violence is not okay if the drunk guy next door inflicts it
  • Violence is not okay if a Christian inflicts it
  • Violence is not okay if a Muslim inflicts it
  • Violence is not okay if a woman inflicts it
  • Violence is not okay if a famous man inflicts it

I really don’t understand why the last guy on the list gets off the hook.

A wise man once told me that you can’t have a good relationship with a bad person….

A man who inflicts violence against a woman is not a good person.

As I said, I couldn’t give a flying fuck how sorry you are, or how sweet a tune you sing – you influence the environment in which my son grows and learns, and how dare you send the message that violence is acceptable.

Fuck. That.