These two photos make up a fairy broad stroke description of my life right now…If I had a picture of low blood iron and of injuries attained from stepping on the Lego that appears to grow from my floor then the picture would be a far more complete.

Mandela Young, my gigantic baby boy…. I love you greatly but if you can’t sleep through the night (OK, nightmares not your fault honey I know) could you please sleep past 6am?! 

I like all Mums feel both inspired by your energy, whilst wishing you were born with a “pause until after Mummy’s coffee” button!!

Fortunately my son, like all little boys, appears to have a “divert” switch which when enabled creates a world in which Lego and the creative characters there in are real and mummy and the rest of reality fade away…..this is giving me time to make coffee and jot a few words down!

My Mandela, as annoying as he appears at times is still intrinsically good – like all children…. I used to say like all people but I’m a bit cynical in adults at the moment. He doesn’t like kids who take his footy, but will share when asked. He doesn’t care what colour your skin is, but if you don’t like “Curious George” he will find you strange….. He is dead against The mandatory detention of children and against Australia bombing Syria.

Don’t be shocked that he hears this information on the news station in the car with Mummy, and don’t dare judge me – because I hear lots of little girls singing along to the racy lyrics of Nikki Monaj or which ever other half naked superstar you permit to teach your daughters about their bodies worth….

I have something else I want you to ponder today and be shocked about…. Yesterday I attended the “diversity rally” in Hobart…. Thankfully the pro-diversity rally supporters outnumbered the nazi-tatooed “Australian patriots” 10:1. (Yes I counted – we know Josie is anal about stats!! 

But I wondered to myself when I looked and the ugly spirited, hate pumping, pro-White Australian “men” (yes inverted comers were needed!) when exactly did their parents stop telling them to share their footies and be nice to people?