Guys – if you ask a girl for her number and are lucky enough to get it, this does not mean she is obligated to catch up with you, or that you have the right to relentlessly call and harass her ten times per day.
If a girl says “hey, thanks for the call/text…. I have a crazy busy week coming up, I’ll let you know when we can have coffee.” You wait until she calls. You DO NOT call her 24 times a day, switch your number to private and then keep calling only to get bitchy that she is too busy for you – and surprisingly she has now lost interest.

Well firstly, it makes you look desperate – and that ain’t attractive.
And secondly, it demonstrates a complete disregard for her privacy, her personal space and for her career, study, life, family and/or personal choice – whatever it is that is keeping her busy and not wanting/being free to catch up.
Trying to bully a girl into a date and the accusing her of not being “decent”….Not attractive. Not going to work – and more than that IT IS NOT OK.