If you cannot see the risks associated with the USAs complete lack of gun control, and if you feel the need to say that knives are just as big a risk to human life, then no, I am not going to argue with you individually, a you are clearly:

  • either not smart enough, 
  • or you don’t care enough about facts, 
  • Or you clearly don’t care enough about human life
  • You are definitely a part of a problem which ought to be legislated

More than that your idiotic arguments that “stabbing is popular in some Asian countries” or “with my gun I will protect yours family” piss on the graves and laugh in the faces of the greiving families and friends of the children who loose their lives in schools due to mass shootings in schools almost every week.

You show no respect to the 3 year old killed by his 6 year old brother just days ago.

This would NOT have happened if the gun wasn’t there. It is indefensible. You cannot argue in support of your “right” to have guns in the face of such tragedy. Everything you say is bullshit, because NO ONE NEEDS A GUN in their home. Guns don’t keep three year olds safe.

If you like guns cos your a weak small minded idiot who likes guns – own that. Admit you like guns.

I like chocolate. Too much. I eat it every day.I am owning that. Because there is no “justification” for my desire – however I also exercise and my like doesn’t kill people if I leave it unattended. The only reason you need a gun is evil intent, or a simple “want” – cut the bullshit and stop trying to justify it in rights and need, you don’t need guns for security. You just like them. Learn to like something that doesn’t kill people.