It is odd that I feel the need to apologise for this but I am sorry I haven’t been writing much lately… well, not writing here anyways – thinking a lot about writing, and the things I would like to say, and the things I would like people to listen to. I have I guess been being a little self-indulgent lately, trying to find my purpose whilst eating copious amounts of apple and black berry crumble and double cream (don’t knock it till you try my homemade  crumble…. It is AMAZEBALLS.)


I have said before that I love stories. I believe that everyone has a story, and that each and every story is precious and should be heard and cherished… sadly however I do not always feel this way about my own story – or perhaps closer to the truth… I don’t always know how to tell my own stories. The really good ones always appear to be best told over several glasses of red wine, through a spoken word event – of course, that is a very limited and specific way to share….

The other stories, well, if I don’t add wine, humour and just a pinch of sexual innuendo just hurt to damn much to share. But it is those stories which matter the most – the ones I could share and perhaps make people understand some of the difficulties and injustices that our community is routinely overlooking, and how this is hobbling Australia – and dare I say it, humankind – preventing us from achieving the great things we could.

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(this is an snapshot from my book “Reclaiming My Soul” available as ebook or through Create Space )

You probably notice I write a lot of poems, which according to a mate of mine give the impression than I (a) hate men, and (b) am far too intimidating to approach to discuss. These poems however are the only way I know of to tell my story, to tell about how I feel and how I hurt without stating point blank facts about discrimination, hurt or assault which make people feel uncomfortable and back away from me. The problem here being that firstly, people may relate to the sentiments expressed in my writing, but that doesn’t mean they understand the underlying cause of the problems about which I write. Which means of course, these issues will go unchecked and continue for future generations. A bigger problem is of course “why do I have to care about making people feel uncomfortable when I am telling stories which need to be told?”


(this is an snapshot from my book “Reclaiming My Soul” available as ebook or through Create Space )

Is that perhaps my greater purpose?

To be wildly unpopular but say some of the things that need saying?

Stay tuned to see if I actually have the balls to do it.