A Reason to Live


A Reason to Live is a collection of stories intended to allow us to walk in the foot steps of those who have come from refugee and asylum seekers backgrounds.

I know that not everyone agrees with me when it comes to refugee and asylum seeker policies…. I know that not everyone shares my ideas on multiculturalism…

I hope however that people can share with me this one belief:

“Everyone is worthy of a chance… Everyone should have the chance to tell their story.”

A Reason to Live

It is because of this that I write, and why I am fighting to make sure that every man, woman and child has a voice and has the opportunity to be heard.

I believe that refugees, asylum seekers and humanitarian entrants are in need of our support, our prayers, our compassion and friendship… they don’t need criticism and prejudice. I have never run from a war, been shot at, seen my children starve, my wife raped or been tortured. If this ever happened to me or my brothers I pray that we would handle it with the level of dignity that so many newly arrived Australians have done.

I urge you all to read A Reason to Live, and to open your hearts to those in need of solace.

Buy A Reason Live

Are you in Hobart? Books can be collected by contacting Josie Young directly, or can be mailed. Send Josie an email: josie0606@gmail.com to arrange.

Copies of A Reason to Live are also available for purchase from Computer + More, 19 Main Road, Moonah.

A Reason to Live is also available on Amazon (see links below) and we will shortly be having a launch in Hobart… stay tuned for further details!

Call, text, email or Facebook me for more information!

A Reason to Live is available in print form and as an E-book.



3 thoughts on “A Reason to Live”

  1. Adolphus Hill said:

    I am loving it already. Congrats Josie. I can not wait to have a copy. How can i get one? Please let me know.

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